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  • Address106 Grant Street, Port Macquarie
  • Open Hours9 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday. Saturdays by appointment
  • Phone0437 798 896
  • Address106 Grant Street, Port Macquarie
  • Open Hours9 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday. Saturdays by appointment

eBike conversions

eBike conversions – electrify your ride!
Do you have a bike you love? Have you always wanted an eBike, but didn’t know where to start? Why not convert your current bike to an eBike? Did you know that almost any bike can be converted. We can do a free assessment of your current bike to ensure it can be converted. We’ll let you know what, if any, modifications are required beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Converting your current bike to an eBike gives you the best of both worlds. You get to keep the bike you are familiar with and you can have an eBike for less than the cost of buying a new one outright. And what’s more, you save a bike from going to landfill by giving it a new lease on life! Many of our customers state that if it weren’t for being able to convert their bike, they would have given up cycling.

Consider the weather at the height of summer. You can ride your bike, with electric assistance, and arrive a lot fresher than if you rode on a non-ebike.

Our range includes front and rear hub motors from MXUS, mid drive systems from Bafang, Tongsheng, Bikee Bike and CYC. We can also supply you with the popular Pendix eDrive systems. Prices start from around $1400, including installation! Click here to book a test ride.

The list of reasons to convert your bike is endless, so what are you waiting for? Book in today!

Bikefix sources conversion kits through our partnership with Rev-Bikes in Melbourne. Backed by more than 14 years experience and an Australia wide warranty, you have piece of mind knowing you are dealing with an Australian based supplier. We are proud be associated with Rev-Bikes.

Reasons to choose our kits:

  • Australian owned and operated
  • Australia wide warranty
  • 2 year battery warranty
  • Over 14 years in business
  • Installation by a qualified, local mechanic
  • Kits are tailored to your bike and riding style
  • Through testing and customer feedback, the team at Rev are continually working to supply the best value ebike kits available.

Rev also offer complete bikes if a conversion is not what you are looking for. Click here to see the full range of options from Rev.

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