• Phone0437 798 896
  • Address106 Grant Street, Port Macquarie
  • Open Hours8 AM - 4 PM Tuesday - Friday. Closed Monday
  • Phone0437 798 896
  • Address106 Grant Street, Port Macquarie
  • Open Hours8 AM - 4 PM Tuesday - Friday. Closed Monday

eBike servicing: Bosch – Shimano – Giant – Rev – NCM – Valk – Kalkhoff – Bafang – 8Fun – Das-Kit, etc

eBike servicing

Ebikes are now a permanent part of the cycling landscape. At Bikefix, we love eBikes of all shapes and sizes and we’re passionate about keeping your eBike on the road. See below for details of our servicing options, or click here to go straight to information on conversions.

Factory eBikes

Bikefix is proud to be associated with Bosch as an authorised and accredited Bosch eBike service agent. If you’ve invested your money in high-end eBike, you want to get the most out of it don’t you? Only an authorised service agent has access to the servicing and diagnostic equipment required to conduct Bosch eBike servicing and give your bike the best care.

We can also service your Shimano or Giant eBike as well as other popular brands such as Valk, Kalkhoff, NCM and more.

Don’t worry if you have a generic eBike system such as those built from a kit, or a complete bike you’ve purchased online – we’re happy to take care of you too!

What we can do:
  • Diagnose faults*
  • Update firmware
  • Personalise settings
  • Order spare parts
  • Fit accessories
  • Help you to get the most out of your ebike, and more!

Servicing options

Generic eBike service – $150 (see below for details)*
Bosch or Shimano service – $180
Bosch firmware update only – $35
Shimano firmware update only – $35
Bafang/8 Fun mid motor 1,500 Km service – from $150
Accessory installation – $70/hr (charged to nearest 1/4 hour)
*For generic ebikes, there is a minimum fee of $70 up-front to diagnose system faults. As most of these bikes are not supported by the manufacturer, diagnosing faults is a time consuming process. We’re happy to have a look at it for you as most bicycle shops will not touch an ebike they did not sell.

A generic eBike service starts at $150 and includes all of the servicing points for a standard bike plus:

  • System diagnosis and health check
  • Personalised user settings
  • Replace worn parts as required (extra cost)
  • Ensure correct spoke tension and wheels are true (on bike)
  • Check frame alignment

We also offer a wide range or eBike specific parts and accessories including: brake pads, chains, tyres, spokes, lights, stands, racks, tracking devices and more. Contact us today and let us help keep your eBike running in peak condition.

Please note:
The installation of so called “tuning”, or “speed” chips to your eBike will void your warranty. Most firmware systems on factory eBikes will report the installation of a chip when the next diagnostic is run, regardless of whether it is still in the bike or not. Please contact us for further information.

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